Out of the Ashes : Stories from Lancashire

Episode 4: International Men's Day 2023

November 17, 2023 Lancashire Fire and Rescue Service Season 1 Episode 4
Out of the Ashes : Stories from Lancashire
Episode 4: International Men's Day 2023
Show Notes

In episode four, we speak to Station Manager James Crouan, Firefighters Gary Fernandez and Davey Byers, and our Safety, Health and Wellbeing Advisor Bekki Ford ahead of International Men's Day 2023 (19 November 2023). This day is all about making a positive difference to the well-being and lives of men and boys.

The episode explores each colleague's story and things that helped them, the stigmas they have found around men's mental health and it provides examples on how you can help and support those people around you who may be struggling.

(Please note, We are not medical experts.  Our colleagues are sharing their own experiences and stories).

Links to Websites/Resources discussed in the episode:

  • uk.movember.com click on the men’s health tab for links to information about spotting the signs, how to have difficult conversations and suicide prevention.
  •  SHOUT crisis line – text SHOUT to 85258 or visit their website giveusashout.org
  • hubofhope.co.uk is a mental health database providing postcode search function, so wherever you are, you can access support.

 Work Support:

  • If you are a serving or retired fire service personnel (operational or non-operational) the Fire Fighters Charity is there to support you firefighterscharity.org.uk
  • Along with their support programmes to improve health and wellbeing they have just launched a crisis line, to support fire service personnel (serving or retired) if they experience thoughts of suicide.  The crisis line number is 0300 373 0896

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